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Champaign Taste…

I wish I could go into my backyard and pick large, luscious,vibrant bunches of electric green Basil. I would julienne and serve them in my micro green salad full of homegrown tomatoes dressed with my truffle oil vinaigrette. It’s the same old timeless story. Girl watches cooking shows. Girl craves to imitate shows. Girl can’t afford anything thats not under a sign saying Rollback!  I was a Foodie before there was even a word for it.

I’m a Food Network addict and have watched everyone from Julia to Emeril. I take food courses when I can and experiment with new recipes on family and friends all the time. They usually indulge my culinary visions of grandeur but their palates are unsophisticated. They don’t yearn to experience the creamy goodness of foie gras or crave an invite to the Bocuse d’ Or. Hell, they wont even watch Top Chef with me. So I’ve had to keep it simple and straight forward but things are about to change.

I love to cook but have no reason to do it everyday. My household consists of me and my just turned 21, 107 lb. daughter. She is a picky eater and consumes less food than a newborn baby bird. I too eat like a bird. A pterodactyl but that’s another blog. Since my baby bird is all grown up and can cook Ramon noodles for herself, Ican splurge a little on me. I  can try to make my culinary fantasies come true. Hopefully you will come with me on this adventure. Sometimes I’ll talk recipes, other times restaurant reviews, or cool gadgets. Who knows where the wind will blow?

Oh and one last thing. I live in an apartment in a solid working class neighborhood in Tampa FL, not the ghetto. I have a tiny kitchen with a small electric stove. Since I can’t afford all the fancy products and cool gadgets, I’ve been forced to improvise. For example. I don’t have a rolling pin(around $15.00 @ Walmart) but I do have a 32 oz bottle of Coke which rolls out dough just fine. I don’t have food rings but I do have cans of tuna that I can fashion into wonderful food rings. Whenever my daughter sees me do something like that she says, “Mom, that’s so ghetto.” Hence the title of my blog.

Thank you for taking the time to peek into my life. Comments are always welcome. Happy cooking!


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