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The Basics

A Good Knife is Invaluable

When I got my first apartment, my mom filled up a plastic grocery bag with an assortment of mismatched knives,forks and spoons. As happy as I was to have free utensils, I still harbored dreams. I knew one day I would be able to afford my own knife set, housed in a maple or cherry wood butcher block container, just like moms. I don’t think I have been in a kitchen that didn’t have a butcher block knife set displayed on a counter top in the last ten years. Mine is nestled in a corner on my counter with its uniform steak knives and measuring cups, although I rarely touch it unless I need the scissors.

Knowledge is power and it is time to break the cycle. I don’t want my children burdened with this useless desire. Truth be told, all you need are one or two good knives, I have three. I remember the life changing day that I used my first good knife. I got a Santuki knife off of Eba y for $15.00. It came inside of a gray plastic carrying case. When I used it to dice up onions, I finally understood what all the fuss was about. It is safer, faster, and just plain sexier to have a good looking sharp knife.

A good knife is made of forged steel. The metal is pounded out to form the knife, the handle is on the tang, and the knife end and the tang end feel balanced in your hand. A bad knife is made from a cookie cutter sheet of metal, the tang is inserted into a handle and the knife is usually blade heavy. The blades are rarely very sharp. A good knife can cost hundreds of dollars. However, you may catch a deal on Ebay or get something for about $50.00 that should be adequate. I just got a ceramic chef’s knife for my birthday. I love it. Its light and efficient and easy on the eye.

I have been lazy the last couple days and haven’t cooked. Whenever I cook, I will try to put the recipe up of what I made. Got to go. Happy cooking.


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