Restaurant Review- Burger Monger

    Burger Monger(813) 968-6860Carrollwood
    10412 N. Dale Mabry Highway
    Tampa, FL

    This summer the thermometer has been hitting a billion degrees before 9:00am. Welcome to the Florida lifestyle! The thought of eating, let alone cooking something to eat is not even remotely attractive to me. It’s too damn hot! So, whats a foodie to do? Order in or go out to eat and let someone else do the sweating.

    Having only been in the Carrollwood section of Tampa a few months, I’ve been having a grand old time checking out the eateries. Me and my bestie had been eyeing this place for a while but I didn’t want beef in this oppressive heat. One day, during one of those rain storms that pop out of nowhere in Florida, we were together and decided to give this place a try. This place has some great burgers.

    Before I even talk food, I’ve got to say that this is the best customer service I have ever received in a fast food place.  The manager opened the door for us before my hand could reach the handle.  The decor is ordinary fast food style but the welcome was so warm we felt special. Our drinks were constantly refilled and the staff was pleasantly attentive yet not annoying. When we were ready to leave the door was once again opened for us and we were thanked for giving them our business. Now that’s what I’m talking about!  So now lets talk food.

    The burgers are all made from Akaushi Kobe beef and cooked medium. There are single, double and monster burgers ranging in size from 6oz to a pound. You have your choice of 17 toppings included in the price and even more topping if you want to pay a little more. Talk about having it your way! I had the 6oz burger with a slew of toppings which cost $7.00. I also had fries and a soda. The whole thing was a little over $10.00 but it was well worth it.

    The burger were magnificent.  It was big, tender, juicy and tasty. Clearly these burgers were formed by hand and were not those pre-formed things we usually get from fast food joints. The fries were also crispy but not oily and tasted homemade. They also serve chicken sandwiches for those not into beef. Oh, and they have milk shakes and malts.  Those are served in silver metal containers with condensation dripping down the sides just like back in the day.

    My bestie and I both agreed that this pace is a keeper. We will slowly work our way through the menu and I will update. Check this place out.


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2 comments on “Restaurant Review- Burger Monger

  1. Been wanting to try this place. It’s so popular around town right now.

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