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Pizza Haven

New Yorkers and Chicagoans can be very particular if not downright combative about their pizza. Place the words New Your or Chicago style on your establishment and these pizza lovers will check you out and vote yea or nay on your product. Unfortunately, it is usually nay. So it is with no hesitation and extreme happiness that I say Pizza Haven has the best NY style pizza I have ever eaten in the Tampa Bay area. I drive from Carrollwood to Brandon to get a slice. Thin crust, tasty sauce, and enough meat and cheese so that you never have to order extra anything. But the magic doesn’t stop there.. Pizza Haven also has beef patties, with cheese and cocoa bread. When was the last time you saw that outside of NY? They round out their menu with pasta dishes, calzones, Stromboli, and a NY cheesecake. I’ve seen them being ordered but I’m always so full of pizza and patties that I have yet to try them. I do not say this often but in this case it is true,pizza here tastes “just like New York.” Maybe better. So for those who want to sample authentic NY style pizza and other favorites this is the place to go. And for those craving real pizza, check this place out and taste a slice of home. Pizza Haven on Urbanspoon

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