Hamburger Mary’s

Sometimes I go to places where it is understood that the food will not be that good. These places are visited for the experience and not culinary skills.  Places like bars, or dinner theater, or comedy clubs are rarely visited for the eats.  When I go to these places I expect average food, am not shocked if it is below average and am sure it will be overpriced.  Hamburger Mary’s is one of those places.

HM’s is a fun place.  It’s part club, part restaurant, and part cabaret.  The music is pumping, the customers are a mix of straight and gays and the dress code is casual.  I was there this past Saturday and stayed to see the 11:00pm drag show.  It was entertaining but Ru Paul need not worry about the competition. That said, lets talk about the food.

The appetizer platter was chicken, with more chicken and calamari, oh and two sad little pieces of celery. The char broiled burgers were overdone, the fries soggy and the cole slaw not memeorable.  There were three of us in total, no alchol was ordered and the tab was $60.00.  I felt that for the quality of food it was way overpriced.

So if you want to hang out at a fun spot and see a drag show and hear some good loud music, this is the place.  If you’re looking for a good meal or burger keep moving.

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2 comments on “Hamburger Mary’s

  1. Please try Hamburger Mary’s again I think you will find it much improved.

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