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Foodie vs. Food

From the Pier, St. Petersburg, FL

Image by zoovroo via Flickr

Foodie is feeling like cooking this weekend and nothing helps fire me up like a good food contest. Like a Food Network challenge, Tampa has some offerings too.  Here are some links to some sites.

Better Recipes is hosting its annual 2010 recipe contest. Click the link for more info.   http://www.betterrecipes.com/contest/?ordersrc=yahoo1contestco

Check out Paula Deen‘s site for a Philly cream cheese recipe contest. You could win $500.00.  http://www.realwomenofphiladelphia.com/

Sears is having a chef’s challenge. You will have to cut and paste this one.  http://www.sears.com/shc/s/dap_10153_12605_DAP_Chefs+Challenge?psid=92685176&sid=ISx200

If you don’t feel like cooking but have a voracious appetite I have also seen some food challenges that are right here in Tampa Bay.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

There are several location around town and they have a wing challenge. See if you can make the wall of  fame.

2010 Sep 20

units: hot dogs

Hot Dog Eating Contest
The North Naples Country Club http://www.northnaplescountryclub.com/
North Naples, FL
1 lb. burger C Big Burger Challenge [Link] Big Belly Burgers Brandon, FL
pounds C Eddie’s Monsta Burger[Link] Eddie’s Bar and Grill Dunedin, FL 3 pound burger with 1 pound of fries finish in 30 minutes Free
2 lb. burger C Fan vs. Food Challenge[Link] Centerfield Brew House – Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL includes .5 lb. bacon, 1 lb. fries, CowbellKid finished in 13:10
2 1 lb. burgers C Sea Hag’s Double, Double Deluxe Burger – defunct[Link] Sea Hag’s Bar and Grill St. Petersburg, FL includes 6 slices of bacon, 6 slices of cheese, 6 slices of tomato and side of fries and slaw
6 pound steak C 6 Pound Texas Challenge[Link] Texas Cattle Company St. Petersburg, FL if not finished, cost is $26 if more than half eaten, $40 if less than half consumed
5 lb.burrito C Five Pound Burrito [Link] Machismo Burrito Bar New Tampa Tampa, FL
2 lb. burger C The Ultimate 5lb. Burger Challenge [Link] Winner’s Grill Tampa, FL

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