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Foodies Sunday Confessional…


I know I said yesterday that I was going to cook but I didn’t. Foodie is in a bit of a funk, lots going on. For years I’ve cooked for five people but for the last year or so its just been me and Lil Foodie, who is 21, hardly ever home, and eats like a baby bird. So between the empty nest syndrome and financial woes, I’m a little down. Yesterday I was a total fat kid and ate my version of comfort food,watched tv, and slept. I had an egg salad and salami sandwich for breakfast, chicken salad and crackers for lunch and Cap’n Crunch for dinner. So today I’ve decided to treat myself to a good Sunday dinner. My budget is tight so I am forced to go to Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart. The prices are good but they have such an average food selection. I have no idea of what I’m going to make but it will be cheap and hopefully lift my spirits.


Well I’m back from that dreaded Wal-Mart place. After much thought I went with the turkey tenderloin,some potatoes, and some kale. I rarely make dessert but have promised myself to try. I got some fresh strawberries, whipping cream and jello pudding mix. So my pocket-book is happy, now I’m going into the kitchen and make it happen.


A funny thing happened on my way to the kitchen. Well actual two things happened. First I passed the liquor cabinet, and knowing that it’s 5:00pm somewhere on this planet, decided to fix myself a drink, and then the phone rang. So after a semi lengthy phone call and a semi potent drink I finally made it to the kitchen. I cleaned my Kale and let it soak in salt water, found some sausage in the fridge and fried it up to make some stuffing. The key to good greens is to not cook them with water. Use broth, I prefer beef broth. I had a smoked turkey wing in the freezer, I’m also using that in the kale. The pots on and that will be done in twenty minutes or so. Now its back to the kitchen and tackle the turkey. I think I’ll split it open, stuff it and bake it, oh and I got to decide what to do with the potatoes. Stay tuned.


Turkey will be done in 15 minutes. Potatoes, which I smashed with some onion, garlic, and parsley are done. I never cooked turkey tenderloin before. It’s boneless and skinless so no fat comes off of it. The directions say 350 degrees for 55 minutes but my oven runs hot so I checked it in 30 minutes and drizzled some olive oil and a couple pats of butter on it. Can’t find the meat thermometer but I’ am sure it will be done in 15 minutes. Hoping it’s not over done. All that’s left to tackle is dessert. After I take out the turkey, I’ll shower and think about that one.


Dinner was fantastic. Foodie is feeling pretty good now. I kind of made dessert. I made cheesecake pudding, cut up some strawberries and was making whipped cream. I poured the heavy whipping cream into a metal bowl, sat on the couch and was whisking away. When I looked down it had all separated and turned into butter! So although I don’t have whipped cream I will have some creamy fresh butter on my toast in the morning. Happy Eating..


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