Foodie and TV – Hot vs. Not

My mom got me hooked on watching tv cooking shows. When I was a little girl, I remember watching Julia Child, Graham Kerr, and YAN Can Cook with her. She also like a show, whose name I can’t remember, but starred a southern guy who liked to say,”I gar-un tee it.” Cooking shows have come a long way since those  pioneers started. Now there are several channels devoted to nothing but food and although I like the Food Network, I wanted to spotlight a few that they don’t have.

Food Network does not have my favorite superstar chef, Gordon Ramsey. I love all things Gordon. I even watched his mediocre show, The F Word and am looking forward to another season of Hell’s Kitchen.  His passion,honesty and high standards, along with his legendary temper make him highly entertaining. To anyone not into Gordon, all I can say is, you donkey!

OK, here’s my list of faves in order of preference.

  1. Top Chef
  2. Hell’s Kitchen
  3. No Reservations
  4. Secrets of a Restaurant Chef
  5. Guys Big Bite
  6. Iron Chef/Iron Chef America
  7. 30 Minute Meals
  8. Chopped
  9. Master Chef
  10. Man vs. Food

Well that’s my top ten, what’s yours?

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2 comments on “Foodie and TV – Hot vs. Not

  1. Anything Bourdain is tops with me. After that comes Master Chef and then Chopped. Don’t really care for the eat my head or eat what’s disgusting shows. Shock TV seems mindeless to me.

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