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Foodie TV News – He’s Back!!

My man, The Man – Gordon Ramsey is back on with Hell’s Kitchen starting Sept. 22 @ 8pm eastern. Just finished Master Chef – congrats Whitney, and now back to classic Gordon, I can’t wait.

Also new is Top Chef – Just Desserts, but I haven’t watched it as I’m not into dessert. Love to eat it but don’t really care how its made. If you do it comes on Bravo either Wednesday or Sunday, I don’t know.

Coming soon the Next Iron Chef America, starts  Sunday Oct. 3rd.  Iron Chef America is growing on me kinda. It is nowhere near as good as the original but I like Alton Brown, and I’ve seen all of the Japanese ones.  A little trivia, the Chairman on the original and the American version are not really related. Also, on Iron Chef America, the contestants learn what the secret ingredient is  15 minutes before it is revealed. Anywho, I will watch it.

Got some great restaurant reviews coming soon and a few recipes I’m working on. I need a new camera and am tired of taking pictures with my cell phone. Oh well,  enough about my woes. And how was your day?

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