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Screwie Louies South Beach Bar and Grille

14705 Gulf Blvd
Madeira Beach,FL 33708
This past Sunday morning Foodie woke up a little hung over after a shot filled Saturday night beach weekend. My friend suggested a place for breakfast but when we got there it was jammed with people and a 30-40 minute wait, so I decided to try something else. I cruised up Gulf Blvd. and spotted people sitting and chatting on a deck by a sign that said this place was voted best on the beach. So I popped a U ie and pulled into the tiny parking lot. They need to do something about that lot because its and accident just waiting to happen and it’s not nearly large enough to handle the amount of people who come here. However,there was no wait although the Louie’s was just about full.
Oh, before I forget, this place is cash only. They say there is a sign posted but I didn’t see it. They do have an ATM on property but had I seen the sign I probably wouldn’t have gone. I rarely carry cash.  So we walk in,seated ourselves and were promptly given menus by the hostess.  Our waitress was not far behind.  Another word to the wise. These waitress have character, they are helpful but playful and a little flip.  Example, a guy in my party asked our waitress if they served wine spritzers, she gave him a look as if he had just stepped off a float from a gay parade before saying she didn’t know. We thought it was hysterical but like I said, if you’re looking for the respectful, mousey, blend into the background place, this may not be for you.
So yes, on a Sunday morning before noon you can get all the Bloody Mary‘s or any other alcoholic beverage you like at Screwie Louie’s.  The dollar menu includes pancakes, sausage,bacon grits muffins and of course eggs.  Me and spritzer boy built our breakfast around that and everyone else had omelettes, with bacon potatoes and toast. The food was tasty, the portions generous, and nothing was more than $5.99.  Drinks and breakfast for 4 came up to $40.00.  The lunch menu was a seafood festival with most things in the 10.00-15.00 range.
The atmosphere was nice, the place was pet friendly and we sat there eating and drinking for a couple of hours. I love this place. So if you do a road trip and are in the area definitely stop by Screwie Louies and get your grub on.
Happy eating.

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