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Foodie Goes Shopping

You can’t cook without the right tools, as all good foodies know.
So this is not about the basics, it’s about the cool stuff, the toys, the stuff you may not really need but that just enhance your cooking experience. I’ve stumbled upon a few things that I just love and couldn’t imagine not having on hand when I need them.

The Yoshi blade is fast becoming one of my favorite toys. A friend recently gifted me with one, and although it will never replace

the love I have for my 8 inch Chef’s knife, there’s always room for love in my heart.  I’ve been a fan of ceramic knives for a long time but had not yet bought one although I can really was poetic about them. This is one sexy knife. When you pull it out of its sheath, all the other knives start hating on it. It’s very sharp, lightweight, and

easy on the eye.  Slicing cukes or tomatoes, or garlic with easy precision. After months of using it a friend bought one and told me that she had read the instructions that came with it. Instructions? So, don’t chop with it,smash garlic, with it , or chop with it like I do all the time. It is strictly for slicing but at 19.99 I just go for it.

My garlic press is another toy I don’t want to do without.  Yes sometimes I prefer to use a knife but when I don’t this is perfect.  I don’t have to peel it or get that garlic smell all over my hands.  It’s easy to clean and I love it. I’ve seen fancier ones but I’m cool with this one.

I’ll share one more with you. I could not and always miss when I don’t cook at home, is my cutting board.

Now cutting boards have come a long way from the ones that grandma used.  Talk about sexy. Some are so fly I can’t believe that anyone would actually  want to cut on it!  I don’t like the plastic ones, although I have one and sometimes use it. But when I know I’m going to really be cutting or chopping I pull out the wooden board. There’s nothing better.

These are just a few but probably my favorite kitchen toys but I’m open and still looking.

Happy eating.


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