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Foodie Enters a Contest-Marx Food’s Iron Foodie 2010

I began writing this blog because of my love of all things food. I am the eternal fat kid. I love the prep, presentation and eating of food. I see beauty and possibilities in well butchered raw meat. I love cool kitchen gadgets just because, and envy  superstar chefs who have all the toys and know all the tricks.

The dreams I’ve had revolving around where my little blog could take me are endless, but never once did imagine that I could be an Iron Foodie. To be a Marx Food Iron Foodie would not only validate my words, recipes, and cooking skills, it would provide endless opportunities for me to brag and win cool prizes. Sweet!

If I could spend a day with one of my idols it would have to be Julia Child. She was a trailblazer.  Being the only female in a class full of condescending Frenchmen could not have been easy but she prevailed. She broke technical cooking principles down into everyday English giving aspiring home cooks a chance to be chefs, and she could handle her liquor. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with Julia?

I am almost ashamed to admit this, but my blog does have the word confession in it,  so I guess it’s time. The thing I’m most likely to swipe off a friends plate when they are not looking is perfectly crisp chicken skin. I know its bad for you but I love it. Everyplace sells tons of boneless, skinless chicken but as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing tastier than crispy chicken skin.

My family is from Trinidad and when I was growing up my favorite meal was called fish cakes. It is salted Cod fish that is soaked to remove most of the salt so it can be used as a cold salad, or cooked with tomatoes an onions over rice or made into flakey fish cakes. My mom would serve it with cassava and steamed plantains whenever I got a good report card or when she just felt like giving me a treat. I’ve been practicing for years and still can’t make them as well as she did. When I do make them it takes me right back to my childhood.

Since confession is good for the soul,  here goes my last one of the day. The one mainstream food I can’t stand is ground beef tacos. They are rarely if ever prepared well. Taco Bell, Del Taco, whoever, they are usually just disgusting and if it were not for the condiments would be inedible. I have no idea why they are so popular but they are.

In case you’re wondering why I’ve decide to bare my soul, this is all part of my quest to be the Iron Foodie.  Hopefully the judges will like what I’ve said and give me the opportunity. In either case I will be writing about the results. Wish me luck.

Happy eating.

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