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Poultry – Factory vs. Organic vs. Free Range ( Part III)

Free range chickens seek shade in their simple...

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What is Pastured Chicken?

Pastured chickens are raised outside in fresh air and shinshine on fresh green growing pasture, in small groups, protected by large bottomless pens which are moved daily onto new ground.

What is the difference between “free ranged” and ” pastured” poultry?

Pastured poultry growers do not wish to contribute to the local fox population, so our small flocks are moved daily in large bottomless shelters to graze fresh growing pasture. The shelters protect chickens from predators, while allowing all advantages of exercise, small groupings, fresh air and green forage. Unlike “free range” our pastured birds are never allowed back onto their own droppings, thus naturally breaking parasitic without the use of drugs or dangerous chemicals. Some commercial “free range” chickens only “have access” to pasture, but because of crowding, may actually never get outside.

What is the difference between pastured chicken and factory birds?

Please see Values vs Costs!, which contrasts many of the values of pastured chickens against the costs of the mass produced factory fowl. It takes extra time, extra labor, and extra feed to produce meat on pasture, but the resulting better nutrition and delicious flavor are well worth the cost.

Is Pastured Poultry ” organic”?

The “organic” label is now a legal word game of government and big agri-business. USDA even allows old frozen birds to be called “fresh” so long as they haven’t been frozen below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Likewise, birds raised in high stress factory houses, but fed politically correct rations, may use the “organic” moniker (upon payment of the proper fee).

By closely mimicking nature, by paying careful attention to the source and quality of our feed and by keeping small flocks moving outside on grass, we produce chicken far superior in flavor, texture and healthfulness to birds with fancier names.

So there you have it! You know everything you need to know to make and informed choice when you go shopping for the Christmas bird.

Happy Eating.

Credit to- http://home.rmci.net/phelbert/chickens/


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