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The Refinery – Restaurant Review

The Refinery - SnapperI had been trying to get to this restaurant for weeks and every time I was supposed to go, something came up and I had to cancel. The Refinery menu changes every week and like a good little foodie,  I would check  out the menu on-line each week, just because.  The menu is like something you would see on a Top Chef challenge. The products used are from local growers.  Everything they are about I’m about too, so my hopes and expectations were high, maybe a little too high.

From the outside The Refinery looks like a house, I mean, someones home.  Inside the look is sparse and eclectic. Pictures are askew on the walls, and no condiments on the table. I chalkboard advertises drinks and specials of the day.  The menu is divided into three sections, small plates, more than a small plate and desserts. Since foodie and friend had just left a wine and cheese lesson, which I’ll tell you about in another post, we went for the small plates.

I had a chicken liver mousse ,with a gelee glaze and my friend had a pear salad with vinaigrette and we spilt a fancy pear beer.  I didn’t miss condiments but my friend who loves black pepper did ask for some for her salad.  The waiter and I talked her out of it and she actually tasted her food and loved it.  Everything is fresh, I had no complaints but I wasn’t blown away. I will go back on a day when I have not already eaten and try a larger plate.

If  you are looking for something different, this is the place to go. You will get gourmet food on a beer budget. I wish them much success as should all Tampa residents because The Refinery is all about the locals.  If any of you do visit please let me know what you think.

Happy eating.


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