CARRABBA’S – Carrollwood – 11435 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, FL 33618 – Review

I have been to this particular Carraba’s  on several occasions and have always had a great experience.  The staff is attentive, the dimly lit room is relaxing to me, and the food is great.  For me, this place beats Olive Garden on every level, hands down.  I love the hot, soft,  bread with the spiced dipping sauce that they make for you table side. The mussels appetizer is large enough for two to share, the broth is tasty,  and I like to dip my bread in that as well.  Quite honestly, I could make a meal just off of those two things,  if I’m not very hungry,  and would walk away feeling satisfied. But if I’m in full foodie mode, I go for the entrée as well.

This time around I tried the Seafood Cannelloni, which is a stuffed pasta filled with lobster,shrimp, and scallops . My date, had the Chicken Marsala and was pleased with that as well.  I’ve  never had enough room left to try a dessert,  but I usually will have a house wine with my meal. Wines and Sangria is affordably priced at around $6.00.   So I like Carrabba’s,  for a moderate  priced, Italian food, chain restaurant.  Dinner for two came up to $60.00 without tip.  So it does sadden me to say that my last visit, on Wednesday, was disappointing.

I believe that one thing that separates a  good restaurant from a  great restaurants is consistency.  That’s one of the reasons McDonald’s is so succesful.  You can go into any Micky Dee’s around the country, order a burger, and it tastes the same, every time, in everyplace.  Everyone is entitled to have a bad day.  But, what if this was my first time going to Carrabba’s?  It took quite a while for us to get our bread and when we did, it was as hard as a rock.  The dipping sauce, which I so love, was not mixed well and tasted like olive oil and  not much else. The mussels were tasty but luke warm. My entrée was good but I was so disappointed by everything else up to that point that I was just ready to leave.  In this economy. I can think of other ways to spend 60 bucks.

Will I go back?  Yes. I am hoping,  it was just one of those days in Carrabba’s  land.  If it happens again, I will write about it again.  I still recommend that you give this place a try.  If you do, please let me know what your experience was like.

Until then, Happy Eating!


2 comments on “CARRABBA’S – Carrollwood – 11435 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, FL 33618 – Review

  1. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

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