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The Next Iron Chef – Super Chefs – Foodie Picks 3

 Although I am so not into sports,  I do get the idea of putting together a fantasy team. If you  could do that with chefs, this would be it.   I watched the last three seasons,  and I can’t say this show was ever one of my favorites, until now.  This is a WTF , nail biting, roller coaster ride of a competition,  that ends way to soon.  I thought chef Alex Guarnaschelli was going to stroke out  during the first episode, she got so flustered.  Who could have guessed that she doesn’t exactly have nerves of steel?

One  challenge was to make an Iron Chef worthy dish, from crazy concessions stand offerings. It was amazing, gummy bears and red hots, really?  I would love to meet the crackheads that come up with this stuff.  Only a super chef can survive this and the cream is slowing rising to the top.  Clearly in order to win this thing you need to have more than culinary skills.  Last night the audience of a comedy club got to pick out the ingredients.   What savory dish goes well with marshmallow?  One of my picks to win was in the bottom but he did survive to cook another day.

Last episode had a the chefs come up with dishes with ingredients suggested by a comedy club audience. Thankfully they weeded out some of the wilder things like cheese puffs, but octopus and marshmallows sure did stump me. The bottom two, Zakarian and Beu MacMillian faced off for a chance to stay. I like them both, in fact, I like all of the chefs on the show,  but I’m really feeling  Zakarian right now.

Any way my top 3 are Marcus Samuelson, if he doesn’t over think things, Elizabeth Falkner, if she just keeps doing what she’s doing, and Geoffry Zakarian, who I think may just win this thing.  Who do you think will be the Next Iron Chef?


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