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2 comments on “E-Mail Me

  1. Greetings!

    I got an email notice from Urban Spoon this morning and somehow I clicked my way to ‘reviews of Burger Monger’—- something I also reviewed similarly and favorably on Chowhound…

    So when I got to your page I clicked on ‘Dee’ and I got a smile…

    I THINK I sat near you and talked with you a little about the Salt & Pepper ‘this & that’ at The Yummy House a few months ago…

    Was that you?

    ‘Cause I left there thinking that your enthusiasm and outgoing personality was similar to mine, and that you’d be fun to have lunch with every now and then…

    I’m just now setting up a blog, but I do most of my food-talkin’ at the Chowhound Florida board… ‘Mild Bill’…
    Check out my Burger Monger review… I let it all flow for that one…


    Either way—- all the best,


    • No that wasn’t me but it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m on my way to work but will check out your blog when I get home tonight. Maybe we could link up. I’m just starting out too. I’m lovin it. Hope you have a great day. Will get back with you soon

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